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Illyrius Motorsport is a motorsport organization based in Albania and Kosovo. Our team aims to promote motorsport to a wide audience, aiming to elevate the level of the sport in the country. Since 2018, Illyrius has built a diverse portfolio of races and automotive activities, which are well-known to the public. Beyond the events, Illyrius also boasts a team of racers with some of the most successful pilots in Albania and Kosovo.

Currently, Illyrius is the organization with the most automotive activities organized annually in Albania.

Also an important mission of Illyrius Motorsport is road and motorsport safety. This is achieved through staff training in accordance with the regulations of the FIA (International Automobile Federation) and also through the organization of safe motorsport races with security of the drivers, stewards and public the main priority.

We organize race and automotive events, including disciplines like HillClimb, Slalom, Circuit, Drag and Karting. Our main events include the Race of the Illyrians, known for its wide audience and large number of participants, and the Festival of Speed, which combines automotive themes with entertainment. One of our biggest events is the Race of the Illyrians, which happens once a year and is open to participants who apply through our website.

Illyrius Motorsport also offers racing official trainings for young people who want to join the organization and contribute to the improvement of the motorsport industry in their country. Our goal is to create unique and memorable experiences for motorsport enthusiasts, delivering high-quality services and meeting the needs of motorsport enthusiasts. We are committed to improving the motorsport industry in the country and have a racing team with successful pilots, including Indri Hoxha, Vis Kosova, Frenkli Mema, Ali Ikikardes, and Arjon Muça, who are well-known in the racing community. We are known for organizing the most automotive activities in the country, and our team of 10 part-time members is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients.

Illyrius Motorsport also has a successful YouTube series called InsideRacing, known for its engaging content related to motorsport. This show provides behind-the-scenes insights into the world of motorsport and features stories of racers and race cars. InsideRacing combines informative, cinematic, and entertaining segments, including informative introductions, interviews with guests sharing their motoring experiences, and challenges organized by the staff to engage and entertain the viewers. We are excited to produce the InsideRacing series with a larger production team in the upcoming year.

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